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HyperX Cloud II Headset Modification

In October of 2019, I picked up my headset one day and noticed that the built in 3.5mm jack was broken in half. I have no idea how it happened. Since it was out of warranty, I decided to fix it rather than buying a new headset. I bought some 4 pole TRRS 3.5mm female jacks, a 3 foot 4 pole 3.5mm cable, and a Bluetooth adapter. First, I disassembled the ear-cups and clipped the old wire. Then, I burned off the protective layer of the wires and soldered them to the 3.5mm jack. Once I confirmed the connections were good, I used liquid electrical tape to protect the connections. I had to widen the rubber grommet that sits in the wire hole on the ear-cup to fit the slightly larger 3.5mm jack. It was a pretty tight fit, but to ensure it won’t move in the future, I secured the back end with some hot glue. After that, I put it all back together. In the end it was better than when I got it. It can now be a Bluetooth headset with the adapter I bought. I can also swap the cable with different size lengths or replace a faulty one a lot easier now.

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