Plex-Discord Role Management Bot

Demo Video of the End User Experience

Demo of the Watching Role

I love using Discord as a communication platform. It’s well organized and you can get just the right information you desire. The amazing Discord API allows for all sorts of different integrations. I have a Discord server filled with a few friends and family that have access to my Plex server. It was created primarily to centralize communication so I could avoid the chaos of random text messages and phone calls for requests and help. Since its inception, I have tinkered with different bots and have even made a couple. I was surprised to see that there was no good way of receiving new content notifications in Discord. You could easily send all notifications with Tautulli, but that would be way too spammy and would end up muted and useless. Thus, I created my Plex-Discord Role Management Bot to deliver tailored notifications using the Tautulli and Sonarr API endpoints. It also has the ability to add a role to users who are actively watching so that necessary alerts can go to those people (like a “I need to reboot the server @Watching” or even a triggered offline notification from Tautulli). It is open source and available on GitHub, Docker Hub, and unRaid Community Applications.

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