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Toyota Tundra Light Kit

The under-body, rim, and in-cabin lights were installed in December of 2017. All lights are fully RGB and turn white when a door is open to easily see things in the dark. Everything is wired to a clean looking Fuse/Relay box added in the engine bay. The door trigger relay is wired through a timer to automatically shut-off power when the doors are open for longer than 2 minutes. This is to prevent the possibility of a dead battery if a door is accidentally left open. In December of 2018, Grille lights and truck bed lights were added. The truck bed has a topper and the lights illuminate the bed in the dark when the tailgate is open. This trigger is also on a 2 minute timer.

Tundra Lighting Revisited

I thought it would be cool to make an “experience” video showing what the lights would be like. This was shot slightly over 2 years after the initial install. Ignore the slight flickering of the camera, I assure you that’s not seen by the human eye and is merely a side-effect of the camera’s high FPS (the compression of the video also seems to enhance the flickering).

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